Advances in treatments and technology for type 1 diabetes are only made possible by the willingness of volunteers to take part in clinical research. Research volunteers, whether patients or healthy subjects, play a vital role in clinical research. Without research volunteers, clinical trials for exciting and cutting-edge new treatments cannot go ahead.

Why should I volunteer for a clinical trial?

By volunteering for clinical research, you can participate in discovering new treatments and therapies to treat, prevent and ultimately cure type 1 diabetes. Here are five good reasons to volunteer:  

  1. You could get access to new therapies before they are available on the market
  2. You'll learn more about your own type 1 diabetes and how to manage it best
  3. You'll help to speed research progress from bench to bedside
  4. You'll contribute to making new therapies accessible to others with type 1 diabetes
  5. You could help find a cure for more than 120,000 Australians and millions of people worldwide living with type 1 diabetes. 

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Photo: Cath has type 1 diabetes and has participated in a Melbourne-based technology clinical trial.