Photo: Ethan who has type 1 diabetes, and his mother Kathryn live in Canberra.

Australasian Diabetes Data Network (ADDN)

ADDN connects real-time diabetes data about thousands of type 1 diabetes patients from specialist centres across on a single platform that allows for a long-term monitoring of diabetes outcomes and participation in clinical research.

Find out more about this T1DCRN-funded network building initiative here.

T1DCRN Workshops

Workshops are an important part of network building at the T1DCRN. They provide an opportunity to identify priorities and create strategies for increasing the excellence of type 1 diabetes clinical research in Australia.

Our most recent workshop in March 2014 brought together 37 key opinion leaders in type 1 diabetes clinical research in Australia, as well as leadership from the Australian Research Council. At this one-day independently facilitated workshop held in Melbourne we were able to explore the Australian type 1 diabetes research landscape and:

  • identify current barriers in clinical research and devise solutions
  • discuss novel approaches to collaborative research
  • introduce a strategic plan for the next phase of the T1DCRN

Workshops from previous years were focused on Australian type 1 diabetes research directions (2009) and research resources (2010) as well as on biobanking (2012) which resulted in the publications of The Australian Type 1 Diabetes Research Agenda and The Australian Type 1 Diabetes Research Resource Map respectively.

Download T1DCRN Workshop Summaries: 2014, 2011

T1DCRN Annual Meetings

The T1DCRN Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for network members to share research progress, explore new collaborative approaches and to shape the strategic direction of the T1DCRN as it expands.

Find out more about the T1DCRN Annual Meetings here.

Data Sharing

We are committed to the timely publication and dissemination of all information and materials developed by projects we fund.

All recipients of our awards agree to data sharing and must take steps to make available existing and generated project materials for publication and wider dissemination.

The sharing of data will be supported by clear policies and guidelines, as well as mechanisms to satisfy this requirement. See our data sharing policy.